Research in the White Lab focuses on high resolution, quantitative characterization of intracellular proteome dynamics regulating normal and pathophysiological processes, with the ultimate goal of defining novel therapeutic targets and therapeutic combinations. To this end, we use mass spectrometry to profile the dynamics of post-translational modifications and antigen presentation in model systems of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and tuberculosis.

Lauren's immunopeptidomics platform is now published in Nature Communications and featured by MIT News!
Microglia interactions with amyloid plaques mediated by tyrosine receptor signaling
Antje's paper on tyrosine phosphorylation induced by high-fat diet, featured on the cover of Molecular Systems Biology
One of three hybrid quadrapole-Orbitrap mass spectrometers we use to profile proteome dynamics
In situ detection of RTK interactions on breast cancer cells
2019 lab retreat to the White Mountains, NH
2018 Koch Institute retreat (dressed as a *Forest*)
2018 lab retreat to the White Mountains, NH
Celebrating Daniel's successful PhD defense

The White lab is committed to the success of all trainees at all levels in an inclusive, culturally diverse, and intellectually interdisciplinary lab environment.  We are especially dedicated to the support of underrepresented groups in terms of race, gender, and sexual identity in all aspects of life, including as scientists and engineers in our lab, as collaborators in our research, and as leaders in our field. We actively welcome URM high school and undergraduate students to participate in summer or semesterly internships, and for URM prospective graduate students and post-docs to apply to our lab. Please reach out to us directly, or apply to programs like MSRP and EXROP (for non-MIT undergrads), BE, CSB, and HST (for prospective grad students). Research should be a fun and exciting adventure that is facilitated by collegial teamwork, mutual respect, and thoughtful consideration.